Inspired by Z-Man's popular 3'' MinnowZ, the Z Man DieZel Minnowz 4" combines unparalleled softness, outstanding action, and ElaZtech durability to create a swimbait that's as close to bulletproof as any other available today. Designed for freshwater and inshore anglers, the DieZel MinnowZ incorporates a hook slot for easy rigging and trouble-free hooksets. A dorsal fin doubles as a hook point pocket for increased weedless performance. Coastal anglers will find it makes a lifelike baitfish presentation.

  • Specifications:
    • 4" length
    • 5 baits per pack
  • Made in USA
    Made in USA

  • *Tip: Do not store Z Man with other rubber or soft baits as oils from Z Man can damage other rubbers or itself. Best to store in retail packaging. Also do not leave Z Man in the sun or under heat as it will deform or possibly melt

    Model: DMIN-xxxPK5

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