The section is to address some common questions and perhaps some not so common ones as well about us.

1. How much is delivery and how long do you take to deliver?

Deliveries are absolutely free within Singapore! We have no minimum order.
You may also arrange for a pick-up at our showroom. Do note small value orders will be sent by Singpost Normal Mail unless you top-up for courier and due to size restrictions, your Singpost Normail Mail order maybe canceled if it is too large.

Our warehouse is at: 26 Kallang Place, #02-08, SG 339157.

Deliveries are normally picked up in 2-3 days from order and delivered the next day, so on most orders will be delivered between 3-5 days from order date by courier and 3-8 days by Singpost Normal Mail.

You may choose COD Option, but do note there is a $5 service fee in addition to your order total cost.

2. Do you have an address we can come to view products?

No, but you may cash and carry from:
26 Kallang Place, #02-08, SG 339157.
Open weekdays from 9 to 5.
Cash or Paynow Only.

3. Do you have stock of items?

Maybe! As Nalno.com has always been the lowest price competitor and we like selling to people who prefer paying the lowest prices for their items, we do not stock all items in our shop, as we would not be able to offer the lowest prices in Singapore. Do double check if you are looking for a specific item to avoid a wasted trip.

4. What is your pricing like?

In Singapore (and probably in Malaysia and Indonesia), we are definitely the most price-competitive business. You should do your own survey if you are interested in getting these kind of items at the best price.

We strive to sell our prices as low as possible. As most of our competitors have taken the position of being expensive, we believe most customers prefer to pay less, especially for the EXACT same thing.

5. Why is your prices so competitive?

I think first and foremost, we at nalno.com look at our prices from the customer's perspective. In today's marketplace, with Amazon, Shopee, and many other online sellers, price transparency exists to the smart customer (if you are not in this category, its about time). So there is no point trying to bluff our way and price our products as we wish (although evidently many shops in Singapore still do so). In general, we are around 15%-20% cheaper than our competitors.

The 2 main reasons why we are the most competitive is that we run our business more efficiently than competitors and secondly we are not as greedy as our competitors. Nalno.com is not  a home-based running or part-time business, we have a business space so obviously we need to manage ourselves well to be cost competitive.

6. What range of goods do you carry?

We carry mainly camping and fishing equipment. This would include stuff like camping tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, knives, binoculars, headlamps and flash lights. We have a fairly wide variety of brands, including some more familiar brands like Maglite torch lights, Cold Steel knives, Leatherman multi-tools, Gerber cutting tools to less common brands in Singapore like  Coleman tents, Buck knives, Bushnell binoculars and Coghlan's camping accessories.

In general, camping equipment would loosely cover hunting equipment as well and some tactical equipment as well. Our buyers would be anyone who simply wants to camp at East Coast to someone looking to climb mountains to jungle survival training. You can search products by activities if you find that useful to you.

For our Fishing Range, we focus mostly on jigging and luring products. Our brands range from Daiwa, Zen Zagan, Rod Ford, Berkley, Z-Man, Decoy, Ganko and many more. There are many items that we do not have the space to stock than you can pre-order at a superb pricing. So do contact us and we maybe able to help you.

We also are moving to carry bicycle related accessories, like Bike Lubes, bottle cages, etc.

7. Do you provide any services?

Yes we do provide a few services. We do engraving (for knives, zippo, etc). For more information, drop us an email at email@nalno.com. Pricing is $6 per short wording.

We also offer training services for organisations in areas such as camping and outdoor skills training (eg. orienteering or survival skills training).

Do contact us directly for more information.

8. Do you ship overseas?

Yes, if we can ship overseas, we will do so. Nalno.com is based in Singapore, but we do get many requests to ship overseas. We would normally use the postal company to fulfill overseas shipments and the shipping price will be charged as paid (shipping plus packaging cost). We have put the base cost at SGD $20, but your final price (shipping) will only be calculated before shipping. Please note that shipping bulky items will be expensive and for some overseas orders, we may charge in USD instead of SGD (at equivalent exchange rate at time of purchase).

8a. Free Shipping to Malaysia

Yes, you heard us right, we ship free to Malaysia (not just West Malaysia, but Sabah and Sarawak as well). To enjoy free shipping, you simply need to check out the same way just indicating your Malaysian address as the delivery address. Also do note that if you item is of low value, you can expect to wait a month for your items to arrive. You may opt to speed things up and pay for expedited shipping (which we can advise you on).

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