This Xiang Guan Urban Hiker Men Shoes is the perfect pair of shoes for daily use and your time on or off trail. The key feature that makes the urban hiker ideal for this dual role is the soles. The inner part of the soles are more closer and textured, giving you better grip on flat urban surfaces, even if you are running. The out soles are designed for off trail use, giving you a good grip when you need it.

The top is made from a synthetic lycra material, reinforced with suede or stitching to improve its durability. The top also has some bright orange bits to keep you noticed. There are also reflective stripes on the inside, outside and back, making you more visible at night. Midsoles offer cushioning as you move for added comfort.

This is the men model, there is a ladies model for this design.

Model: 92008M (sizes in Europe)

This shoe comes in a dark blue colour.

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