Our camping section includes everything from tents, knives, multi-tools, survival gear and much more. Simply browse our website with the links below:

Bags, Pouches & Cases

Dry Bags - All bags that keep your gear dry
Hard Cases - All Hard Case Products (eg. Pelican Cases)
Hydration Bags - Bags w Water Bladder
Pouches (Waist) - Waist pouches without straps
Travel Bags - Duffle bags and other hand carry bags

Other Bags  - Messanger bag, kayak bags, bags for dogs, etc


All bags with shoulder straps
DayPacks (<30l)
31l – 49l
50l – 65l
66l ++

Binoculars & Optics

Compact - Binoculars < 33mm
Standard - Binoculars > 32mm
Binocular Accessories - Monocular, tripod, straps, etc

All books and reading material on outdoor related activities

Bottles & Coolers

Cooler Boxes - Coleman hard cases to soft case coolers
Water Bottles - Large range of Nalgene and other drinking bottles
Water Carriers - Jerry cans and collapsible water carriers

Camping Accessories

Carabiners - All carabiner and S-biners
First Aid - Outdoor First Aid Kits and Items
Gear Maintenance - Waterproofing, fixing for camping gear
Mosquito Control - Repellents, nets and other anti-insect products
String & Rope

Children & Games

Children - Items for children 12 and below
Fun - Things like slack line, frisbees, etc
Games - Structured games for outdoors


Clothing Accessories - Wallets and other wearables
Head Gear - Hats, caps, buff, etc
Pants - Outdoor long pants and shorts
Rain Gear - Rain jackets, rain hats, ponchos
Shirts - Outdoor shirts
Shoes - For walking or hiking
Socks - Socks for hiking, waterproof


Fuel - Butane Gas, Solid Fuel, etc
Kitchenware - Plates, containers, bowls, etc
Outdoor Foods - MREs, Instant Foods
Pots & Pans - Cooking pots, pans, kettles, etc
- Gas, liquid and solid fuel stoves
Utensils - Spoon, forks, etc.

Electronics & Watches

Batteries - Different types of batteries
Outdoor Electronics - Pedometer, wind reader, etc
Phone & Camera Accessories
Solar - Solar charger and related products
Watches - Rugged Watches

Furniture & Sleeping

Air Mattress and Air Pads
Bed / Cots - Foldable camping beds, safari bed
Chairs - Foldable Chairs and Director Chairs
Sleeping Accessories - Pillows, blind folds, etc
Tables - Foldable lightweight table



Knives & Tools

Fixed - Fixed blade (one-piece knives)
Folder - Knives w blades folded in handle, pocket knives
Kitchen Knives
Knife Accessories - sharpeners, sheaths, oils
Writing Instruments - include pens, etc
Tools - Parangs, axes, saws, scissors, etc

Lighting Systems

Head Lamps - Lighting worn on head
Lanterns - 360 degree lighting devices
Torch Lights
- Flash lights
Other Lighting - Lightsticks, spot lights, etc


Credit Card Tools - Tools with card shape
Key-Chain Tools - Small multi-tools
Plier Tools - Frame is a plier, eg. Leatherman
Swiss Army Knives - Victorinox, Wenger, etc

Navigation - Compass, maps, etc


550 Paracord - Made in USA
Other Strengths - 275, 750, different poundage/thickness
Paracord Accessories - Buckles, shackles

Survival Gear

Fire Starters - Fire Strikers, Matches, etc
Survival Gear - Survival kits, mirrors, etc

Zippo Lighters - Zippo windproof lighters

Tent & Shelters

Camping Tents - All types of camping tents
Gazebos / Shelters - Portable shelters
Tent Accessories - Mallet, pegs, guy line ropes, etc


Organisations, School UGs

Campfire - Firewood, campfire items
Cordage - Ropes and strings
- Other items
Physical Eduction (PE) Equipment - General items for Physical Education training
Going Camping Items - All the items you would need if you are student going camping

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