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Victorinox Delemont EvoWood 10 is one of the range of Wenger knives that now have been integrated with Victorinox. The same makers from the Swiss canton of Jura now make the knives under Victorinox Swiss Army Knives at Delemont.

Victorinox has taken many features and functions of the former models, but some of the tools like the can opener, screwdriver and punch have been modified to Victorinox's design with they deem to be more efficient.



      Swiss Army Multi-Tool

      Closed Length

       85 mm



      Blade Length

       2.5 inch blade

      Blade Material

       Stainless Steel

      Handles Material

       Walnut Wood


      1. blade
      2. wire stripper
      3. can opener
      4. screwdriver
      5. cap lifter
      6. screwdriver
      7. corkscrew
      8. key ring
      9. nail cleaner
      10. nail file
      11. reamer andpunch

      Handle Colour

       Dark Natural Wood



      Country of Manufacture


      Recommended Use

       As a Pocket Knife

       Model Number: 2.3801

      Flag of Switzeland
      Made in Switzerland

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