The Ultralight Convertible II Pants is a nice lightweight type of pants that feels more comfortable than shorts, yet it will offer protection from the sun, vegetation and more.

The pants achieve its strength thanks to its smart design and double stitching at all critical points, making it durable for hiking and other outdoor activities. Added functionality is included with its zip off lower legs, instantly giving you shorts when you want to air out more. It comes with 2 zipped pockets for additional security of your personal belongings on the trail.


  • Quick Drying Fabric
  • 2 Pockets with Zips
  • Elastic Waist
  • Metal hook closing
  • Convertible to shorts with zip connection
  • Soft Texture (Soft Shell)
  • Unisex Design

100% Polyester

Weight (Medium Size):
230 grams

Colours (Depends on size availability):

  1. Black
  2. Foliage Green
  3. Khaki
  4. Olive Green



Standard Right and Left Pockets

Left Lower Pocket with zip pull

Right lower pocket with velcro closing


Back right pocket has a zipped pocket with zip pull

Sizing Information:

Size Waist (cm) Waist (in inches) Inseam Length (cm) Inseam Length (Shorts) (cm)
M 69-72 27-28 96 50
L 71-74 28-29 99 51
XL 75-80 30-32 104 52
XXL 79-84 31-33 106 54

*Colours in picture may vary with actual pieces due to light conditions

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