The Urban Backyard's debut has 15 informative episodes ranging from the relatively simple skill of tying a thumb knot to the more challenging task of building a fire pit. Each episode is presented to you by Zach and Roshan, two youthful campers wishing to share their knowledge and skills with you. They are supported by the creators of, who have 29 years of camping experience between them.

This package was produced with the intention of being a supplementary tool to youth adventure organisations. Use it to help you learn more about camping and the outdoors while still developing your skills with your peers and seniors.

Each package comes with a DVD-Video that can be played on any DVD player, a Digital Copy disc so that you can watch each video on your PSPs, iPods, iTouches and other portable devices. Also included is a full colour Quick Reference Guide with pictures, diagrams, additional tips and hints.

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