Solio  LogoThe Solio Bolt battery pack and solar charger is your ultra lightweight companion, keeping you online and in-touch on the go. With an on-board battery and rotating solar panels, the Solio BOLT charges popular USB powered gadgets.


  • Max Wattage: 5 Watts
  • Discharge Rate: Fixed 5V, 1,000mAh
  • Charge Rate: 5-5.5V 450mAh
  • Charge Time via USB port/wall charger: 4 hours 30 min.
  • Charge Time via Sun: 8-10 hours


  • Micro USB to USB wire
  • Pencil


  • 3.7V/2,000mAh Li-Poly - User replaceable at end of life (average 3 years)


  • Pearl White


  • Size: 9cm x 9cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 150 grams

Some items Solio Bolt Charges includes:

  1. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  2. iPod, or iPad Air
  3. Kindle
  4. GPS watch
  5. GoPro camera
  6. Petzl RXP headlamp
  7. SteriPEN Ultra water purifier

Some unique features of the Bolt includes:

Charging Time

The 1Amp output of the BOLT charges target devices at the same rate as a typical wall charger. On average, a smartphone goes from zero to full in just 90 minutes. Since most devices these days charge by USB, its more simple than ever to Plug Into the Sun.

Sundial Design

The ingenious design of the BOLT allows a pencil to be inserted into the center, which makes the BOLT act like a sundial. Simply point the BOLT towards the sun and rotate it until the pencil no longer casts a shadow. A full day in direct sunlight completely charges the BOLTs on-board 2000mAh Li-Poly battery.

Simple Operation

The BOLT has a single LED push button. When the BOLT is capturing energy from the SUN or USB, the button lights up red. Push the button one time and the BOLT flashes 1 to 5 times to indicate the battery level, and then begins energy output. Push the button one more time to turn the power off.

Charging Efficiency

While electronics are changing all the time, there are two standard charging specs that devices adhere to; a CTIA standard charge output which most devices follow, and an Apple charge output which Apple products follow. The BOLT is designed to switch modes, allowing for the most efficient charging of all devices regardless of which charging mode they require. When the BOLT LED button is green, this indicates that it is in CTIA or Normal charging output mode. To switch modes, simply hold down the button for 5 seconds and release. The button will then light up blue, indicating that it is now in a mode optimized for Apple products like the iPad Air, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and iPod.

Heat Resistant

The BOLT utilizes a high temperature rated Li-Poly battery. Unlike other battery chemistries, the BOLTs battery works perfectly in high-heat and the 60C specification means the heat of the sun never interrupts efficient solar charging. When the useful life of the rechargeable battery is over, the BOLTs battery is easily user-replaceable.

Charging from power sources

When the Sun goes down, the BOLTs battery can be re-charged via the Micro-USB port by using the included USB charging cable. From USB, the BOLTs battery charges to full capacity in 4.5 hours


When the BOLT is not spun open to capture energy from the sun, it folds closed into a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand. At only 150 grams, the BOLT tucks easily into a backpack, messenger bag, or glove compartment providing battery back-up for USB powered electronics while on-the-go.

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