Shelter with Single Support 2mx2m offers the user a great option for a semi-permenant type shelter, with extreme functionality of the single support that gives this shelter more room to move around in than the traditional gazebo with 4 legs.

It works by opening up like an umbrella, then locking and it uses a granite piece of 40kg as a base, to reduce chances of toppling over.


Capacity 6 people can stand inside
Floor Area 200cm x 200cm (7ft x 7ft)
Height 200cm (2m)
Appx 55kg
Fabric Material
280 GSM Polyester (coated)
Sealed Seams
Frame Material
Coated Steel Frame
Colour Blue
Packed Size
182cm x 26cm x 26cm (frame only)
Free Standing
Recommended Use Semi-Permenant Shelter from sun and rain
Other Features
  • Granite Size: 66x46x7.3cm

*Please note item is fairly windproof, you should still secure it to a fixed structure or the ground to prevent it from toppling in the event of strong wind

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