The Rod Ford Strada Minnow is a great soft lure for your luring purposes. It comes in a set of 3 rubber and one jig head weight weighting 10.5 grams.

The Head features a glow in the dark feature making it great for fishing both during day and night. The eyes are holographic making it more enticing to bite.

The attached treble hook is size 2 and made from carbon steel. It is strategically placed below the rubber to secure any fish that strikes from below the lure.

There is also a given leader that is made from a soft wire trace and it measures 8cm in length, enough to prevent a fish from biting through your main line.

The body is soft so as to move sideways when reeled in and it also creates a translucent effect to make it more enticing to fish. The body alone measures 90mm and with the jig head, it is 110mm.

Model: RFST110S-0x

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