A non water absorbing leader, Rod Ford FC Phantom Leader sinks faster than monofilament or braided lines, helping put your bait to your target faster. This leader has a higher specific gravity of 1.78 and it's refrective index of 1.42, which is very close to that of water.

The Phantom Fluorocarbon Leader is best for both fresh and salt water applications. It has a high abrasion resistance, high knot strength and being virtually invisible underwater, it is the only leader you need wherever you fish and whatever you are targeting.

All sizes come at 25 yards (23m).

 Poundage Diameter
7.5 pounds 0.22mm
11 pounds 0.25mm
15 pounds 0.30mm
20 pounds 0.38mm
25 pounds 0.40mm
30 pounds 0.50mm
40 pounds 0.55mm
50 pounds 0.60mm
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