If you always had problems with carrying around your jigs, whether it is because they are too wide like slow fall or long, the Rod Ford Roll Up Jig Bag is a great solution. With the expertise of the guys at Rod Ford, you know that they faced the same problem storing their jigs as you.

The jig had is made from durable mesh nylon, that makes it easy to see your jigs and to hold up to the several kilos that the combined weight of the jigs might take. There are a total of 3 zippered compartments, that each contain a long space, so you can fit in any type of jigs. Long pencil jigs would fit in laying down and slow fall type flat jigs sideways. Each compartment can take between 8-10 250grams slow fall jigs, which will definitely serve you during your next fishing trip.

Once you are done and back home, simply open up the bag, take your water hose and spray the bag, getting rid of salt and all the gunk and then leave the bag to dry. The next day, all dried, store your jigs until your next jigging trip.

Model: RF0004

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