Enter the ReadyMan Wilderness Survival Card; It's ReadyMan's most tool filled survival card we have designed to date, so much so that it is Patent Pending. It is made from tempered 301 stainless steel construction. The tools are stamped in shape in the card and  are easy to snap off for immediate use.

The Wilderness Survival Card is a set of tools and devices that are a “game changer” for somebody in a survival scenario. With this many survival tools on tap at this price and weight, you MUST to add this to your survival kit. 


  1. Fishhooks (9 total)
  2. Arrow Heads
  3. Snare locks (4)
  4. Awl
  5. Sewing Needles (2)
  6. Double Sided Saw blades
  7. Tweezers
  8. Trident


    •  Dimensions: (Height/Width) 2" x 3.5" in
    • Weight: 12 Grams

    Made in USAMade in USA

    Model: M01

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