OR Craft Spearyu Lures is a quality minnow type hard lure that is great for those targeting Peacock Bass in local canals and rivers. They come in a couple of bright colours to be used in different times of the day and each lure has 2 single size 3 which allows smaller fish to be caught on it as well.

The Spearyu's flat heavy body creates a sharp action response and is equipped with a high swimming performance (sub-surface) which allows it to swim well in a river environment with a strong current. It's unique body profile gives it great casting distance and accuracy.

Highly effective when fishing for Peacock Bass, Barramundi and Sebarau in river or in tidal rivers.



Hard Lure


50mm / 60mm / 70mm


4.5g / 6 grams / 9 grams


 0.5-1 m

Hook Size

Size 3 Circle Hooks x 2


Very vivid sideways movement


Freshwater Rivers and tidal rivers




Model Number: SP50S-xx / SP60S-xx / SP70S-xx

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