The Optimus Crux Lite is equipped with the powerful burner of the Crux, but even lighter in weight as it does not have a folding mechanism. The stove is one of the lightest stoves in the world. It does not spot burn when simmering water.



85 grams


L 76 mm x W 56 mm x H 56 mm

Fire Lighting

Includes burner with valve

Fuel Type

Butane/Iso Butanepropane gas canister (not included) Lindal Valve Type Canister

Average burn time

up to 90 min at maximum output (220 g canister)

Average boil time for 1 L of water

3 min/1 l water, depending on climate, altitude etc.

Output (BTU)


Output (W)


Recommended Use

Backpacking, Lightweight Camping


Model Number: 8019259


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