The natural gadget pole is a better alternative to the regular gadget pole for outdoor usage and therefore for uniform group. It is strong (so its functionality is greater) and also relatively weather resistant being derived from a mangrove species.

A table of comparison:

- Superior Gadget Pole Natural Gadget Pole Gadget Pole
Thickness Between 20mm to 40mm Between 10mm to 30mm Around 15mm
Length 1.05m to 1.15m 1.05m to 1.15m 1.2m
Strength Unbreakable under 'normal stress' Strong (not easily snapped) Weak
Weather Resistance Good Good Poor
Flexibility Poor Good Poor
Texture Smooth (no bark) Smooth Bark Smooth Finish
Density Dense Moderately Dense


Note: Picture shows 2 pieces of Natural Gadget Poles beside a Gadget Pole

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