The Ultralight Weight Outdoor Pants is one of the best choice of pants for those who want to wear pants, but do not like the feeling of it. These pants weigh very little, but comes with an array of pockets, allowing you to do away with a waist pouch or day pack for those short hikes.

For those who like the flexibility of wearing both shorts and pants, the bottom half of these pants easily come off when not required. Resting in the shade or trekking under shade, you can wear this as shorts. Having trouble with mosquitoes or if you are out in the sun, leave them on.


  • Quick Drying Fabric
  • Lightweight plastic clip belt
  • Water resistant zips for pockets
  • Elastic Waist
  • Pop Button Waist Closing
  • Convertible to shorts with zip connection
  • Soft Texture (Soft Shell)
  • Unisex Design

100% Polyester

Weight (Medium Size):
230 grams

Colours (Depends on size availability):

  1. Black
  2. Green (Dark)
  3. Grey (Light)
  4. Khaki



Standard Right and Left Pockets zipped with string zip pull

Both Left and Right sides have a zipped pocket with string zip pull


Back right pocket has a zipped pocket with string zip pull

Sizing Information:

Size Waist (cm) Waist (in inches) Inseam Length (cm) Inseam Length (Shorts) (cm)
S 64-83 25-32 97 43
M 66-86 26-34 100 44
L 70-90 28-35 102 46
XL 74-94 29-37 104 47
XXL 77-99 30-39 106 48
XXXL 80-102 32-39 108 49

*Colours in picture may vary with actual pieces due to light conditions

Buying Advise: These pants fit a range of sizes due to the elastic waist. If you fit somewhere in the center of the range, chances are that is the best size for you. If you prefer a little tight, go for a size less, a little baggy, go for a size larger

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