The Arm Sock is a great way to avoid getting too much sun on your skin when you are doing your outdoor activities. It is especially useful to cyclist, watersport persons, motor bikers, hikers, anglers, runners and anyone doing any outdoor activities. Use this as a sun block with short sleeve t-shirts or shirts.

Our arm socks are made from high quality polyester (85%) and 15% spandex, to give it a nice stretch and snug fit. A choice of colours allows you to pick what look you want and it comes in 3 sizes for different arm sizes and lengths.


Medium - 37cm x 11cm
Large - 38cm x 12cm
Extra Large - 40cm x 13cm

*Lengths are taken from top to bottom and width is the width on the top part of the arm sleeve. Both measurments taken when arm sleeves are placed flat

This item comes as a pair.


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