Leland VCI Corrosion Resistant Bags is an easy way to keep your steel knives and other tools from rusting. Simply place dry metal items in the storage bag and seal. Corrosion inhibitors are layered on the plastic sheeting that make up the bag. In the package environment these inhibitors surround the part and volatilize to form a protective molecular layer. When these chemicals volatilize, they release vapors which are attracted to the metal surfaces due to their polar orientation. The corrosion inhibitor molecules align on metal surfaces to a depth of three to five molecules migrating into recesses. This layer of molecules passivates the charged surface and creates a barrier that prevents oxidation. Remove the items from the bag and they are ready for immediate use; no oily residue or smell.

This VCI bag method is utilized in many metal working and tool industries around the world to prevent rust on nuts, bolts, hand tools, fishing lures, metal parts, knives, hooks and C02 cartridges. Corrosion resistance properties typically last 2-3 years once usage starts.

Contains three bags of following sizes:

  1. 6" x 8"
  2. 8" x 10"
  3. 12" x 18"

Made in USA

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