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Hiking Light Handbook - Outdoor Equipment


Hiking Light Handbook


You do not need to cut the handle off your toothbrush just to save a few grams. There are less extreme ways to shed pack weight and this book will show you how.

  • Employ technology and new designs
  • Choose lighter options
  • Make do with substitutes
  • Use items that serve multiple purposes
  • Make your own gear

Book Features:

Full Name Backpacker Magazine Hiking Light Handbook
Author Karen Berger
Language English
Main Topic(s) Lightweight Backpacking
Book Size Medium
Pages 171
Cover Soft Cover / Paperback
Who Should Read This Backpackers, campers, Lightweight Enthusiasts
13 Number ISBN 9780898869613 Quick Review: The author has written this book based on her experiences, and seems to be knowledgeable about lightweight hiking. She gives a good amount of information and goes through all the gear you would need (tent, sleeping bag, backpack, clothing, shoes) to give you the know how on travelling light.


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