The multi functional head buff is a great piece of head gear that can be worn in so many ways and used for so many purposes. It is worn by a whole array of users including motorcyclist under their helmet, fisherman to keep sun off their face, runners as a head band, children as a blind fold and by women as a neck scarf.

These buffs are made from 100% polyester and feature a little stretch so you can wear them on easily or fits you comfortably. The do not absorb sweat, but instead allows you to shed it more quickly, making you feel more comfortable on a hot day.

They all come in the approximate dimensions 24cm (W) x 49cm (L) (lying down).

We have the following patterns and colours (depends on stock availability):

 Number Pattern Name
HB-01 Urban Camo
HB-03 Wetland Camo
HB-04 Digi White Camo
HB-05 Digi Pale Yellow Camo
HB-06 Digi Jungle Camo
HB-07 Digi Black Camo
HB-08 Scottish Red Plaid
HB-09 Autumn Leaf
HB-10 Fire Eagle
HB-11 Burning
HB-12 Black and White Plaid
HB-13 Black Floral
HB-14 Swimming Blue
HB-15 Blue Garden
HB-16 Inked Blue
HB-17 Solid Black
HB-18 Digi Brown Camo
HB-19 Blue Winter
HB-20 Blue Snow
HB-21 Merida
HB-22 Ice Mountain
HB-23 Blue Plaid
HB-24 Purple Garden
HB-26 Tie Die Orange Purple
HB-27 Modern Art in Red
HB-28 Pretty Pink
HB-29 Merida Magenta
HB-30 Lime Man
HB-31 Sun Inked
HB-32 Wing Dings
HB-33 Batman Small
HB-34 Batman Logo
HB-35 Monster
HB-36 Black Habitat
HB-37 Winter's Night
HB-38 Overnight Cycling
HB-39 Black Jack
HB-40 Khalsa
HB-41 Blue Flames
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