The Fix N' Zip Zipper Slider is a zipper slider replacement that repairs zippers without tools or sewing.  It has a patented spring plate design that enables it to fit over a range of sizes; teeth or coil, metal or plastic, fixing zippers on jackets, bags, tents, clothing, car covers, wet suits, shoes, sleeping bags, jeep windows, etc.  It can even realign broken zipper teeth.  It supports sustainability in that it encourages reuse of products and is, itself, reusable.  You can check your zipper size on the behind, most of them have it written.

Easy to install, it can fix most items with zippers in minutes. To find your zipper size:  Most zippers have a size number (1-10) embossed on the back of the slider.

  • Small Zipper Slider: Teeth & Coil Sizes 1-4
  • Medium Zipper Slider: Teeth & Coil Sizes 5-7
  • Large Zipper Slider: Teeth & Coil Sizes 8-10
  • Colour: Nickle (Grey)
  • Installation instructions on packaging

Model: B01884667A

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