Eagle Claw LogoEagle Claw All-Purpose Live Bait Hooks is a packet of 10 hooks that you can use with any live bait including prawns, bait fish, etc. Its offset design ensures you bait stays on the hook as long as possible while the tip is exposed ready to get the nibble of any fish It comes in a bronze colour and comes at the quality you expect from this USA made hook.

Quantity in each packet:

  • Size 12 to 1 - 10 hooks
  • Size 1/0 to 5/0 - 8 hooks
  • Size 6/0 - 5 hooks
  • Colour: Bronze
  • Size Range: 12 - 6/0
  • Contains: 10 hooks
  • Type of Water: Both Freshwater and Saltwater

Model Number: 084A

Made in USAMade in USA


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