Decoy Fiber Light Assist Hooks DJ-92 is a high quality assist hooks for the light to mid-weight jigs, ranging from around 20g - 80g. This model comes in 3 sizes and comes each packet contains 2 pairs of assist hooks pre-tied together on a solid ring. Fiber is added to make the hooks more attractive and to encourage strikes.
These hooks are suitable to be paired with a variety of jig types including fast jigs and slow fall jigging. The fiber are white but shine green when light falls on them. These hooks are ready to use out of the packet, ready to catch you your next fish.
 Model Hook Size Quantity per Pack
820735 #2 2 pairs of 2
820742 #1 2 pairs of 2
820759 #1/0 2 pairs of 2


Made in Japan
Made in Japan

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