The Daiwa SL Semi-Hard Rod Case pursues weight reduction and protection. High cost performance model of straight rod case that achieves both protection and weight reduction. The body with built-in high-rigidity hardboard with high protection

The zipper has a special designed backing that is resistant to rubbing. The cases come with a handle and shoulder belt that are convenient to carry. The inner material is padded, with rod belt to prevent movement while in transit.

The case can be shoulder strung on hand carried.

The 220S-ML has a special feature where it can be extended to accomodate up to a 7 feet rod.


Model:125S - 9×8×128 (L) / Can accommodate up to 3 2-piece rods / Weight: 0.75kg
Model:140S - 9×8×143 (L) / Can accommodate up to 3 2-piece rods /  Weight: 0.8kg
Model:220S-ML 9×9×143 (compacted) ~223 (when extended), / Can accomodate up to 2 rods / Weight: 1.3kg

Model Number: 324533, 324557, 085024

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