If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to USA made 550 paracord, this 550 paracord from China is your answer. At less than half the price, it offers buyers who are more budget conscious a chance to buy paracord for DIY work, tying work, bracelet making, survival and much more to use this quality line of product.

Comes with 7-strand core and a 4mm diameter. Each bundle comes in 100ft or 31m of cord. Appx Weight for each bundle is 168 grams.

The outer shell is made from 100% polyester, offering lightweight and soft bodies for easy knot work.

This page if for solid colours, camo and patterns are listed on other pages.

Colours Code:

S001 - Royal Blue
S040 - Navy
S124 - Midnight Blue
S024 - Blue
S125 - Sky Blue
S265 - Baby Blue
S050 - Teal
S269 - Pastel Green
S226 - Sea Green
S130 - Lime Green
S017 - Neon Green
S019 - Yellow
S225 - Pale Yellow
S009 - Neon Orange
S045 - Orange
S267 - Rock Red
S021 - Red
S043 - Magenta
S053 - Shocking Pink
S060 - Dark Pink
S020 - Baby Pink
S059 - Pink
S052 - Lavender
S223 - Barney Purple
S026 - Purple
S268 - Plum
S073 - Brugundy
S016 - Black
S061 - Gunmetal
S002 - Gray
S029 - Silver
S007 - White
S266 - Antique Gold
S013 - Tan
S069 - Sand
S028 - Desert Tan
S012 - Coyote
S015 - Brown
S014 - Light Brown
S070 - Dark Brown
S010 - OD Green
S011 - OD Olive
S051 - OD Dark
S030 - Foliage Green
S126 - Army Green
S022 - Hunter Green

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