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275 Paracord Black is 550 paracords little Brother (Half Size),Though it holds its weight just fine. a must have for all outdoor and survival enthusiasts. This rope has almost endless uses and qualities. Great For survival bracelets,camping, Backpacking, military, survival kits / bug out bags, ETC.

In the bracelet world This makes an awesome smaller Bracelet for women & kids.

Diameter: 2.4 mm
Break Strength: 125kg (275 pounds)
Core: 4 strands
Colour: Black

How We Sell: By the meter, at a rate of $0.60 a meter. Simply increase the quantity to the amount you want to buy in meters, and you will get that length. Cash delivery can only buy 31 meters or the full balance (as it is at time of purchase).

Made in USA
Made in USA

*Actual colour of paracord may differ from picture due to differences in monitor and/or graphics cards settings

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