Abu Garcia LogoThe Abu Garcia Small Lure Boxes with Lures offers the luring angler a quick and easy to use small plastic tray, loaded with lures so you can use them immediately after purchase.

They are both transparent and comes with 5 separate compartments for storing lures, terminal tackle, rubber, hooks and more. Small compact size means it can fit in your pocket, or keep it in a small bag or waist pouch for easy carry.

Outer Dimensions: 14.5L x 10W x 3.8H x (all in cm)

The Freshwater Box Contains:

  • 8g Bullet
  • 6g Droppen
  • 10g Toby
  • 12g Genial
  • Snap Swivel #1

The Perch Box Contains:

  • 12g Relfex Spoon
  • 8g Droppen
  • 12g Atom
  • 7g Z Liloringen
  • Snap Swivel #1

Model Numbers: 1109927, 1109926

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