SnugPak websiteThe Snugpak Hammock Net is designed to fit over a wide range of single person hammocks. The No-See-Um netting will keep out mosquitos, gnats, and other insects so you can rest easy in the great outdoors. The mesh is light, durable, and breathable; it has 784 holes per square inch that allow air to pass through to provide a cool breeze at night. In addition to being very air permeable, the No-See-Um mesh is also easy to see through so you can still appreciate your surroundings.

The Snugpak Hammock Net features a user-friendly zipper entry that is placed vertically in the center of one side of the net. The vertical placement allows you to swing your legs over the edge of the hammock and out of the net without them snagging on extra material. The Snugpak Hammock Net ensures that you will be able to sleep peacefully without any bothersome bugs during your outdoor adventures.


  • Open Size: Measures 48in x 108in x 48in
  • Weight: 425 grams

Hammock Net is Olive Green in Colour

Model Number: 94700-OD

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