Today I had an English gentleman walk into my shop. He was really a gentleman, polite and well-mannered. So he was a collector of sorts for camping equipment. He was always looking at new products in a wide range of categories including outdoor cooking, apparel,  fire lighting, etc.

So he was previously based in Singapore and now in Indonesia. Gas canisters with the Lindal valve is not available in Indonesia,  but those steamboat kind are, so he was happy to buy the adapter for his Primus stove, which had a pipe, so I guess it is the Primus Spider. Previously he had been using a simple alcohol stove due to dearth of gas canisters (he did not like the older campingaz models which run on the pierce one-time use type of canisters that were more common in Indonesia ). So the only thing I advised him is that his stove shold have a pipe and not direct connection to the burner, as the connection is not very secure and would be unstable for a regular type model. But he did say he was happy with the performance of his alcohol stove, being able to boil water for tea in 20 mins, even at 10000 feet.

So now you know, if you are going to Renjani or anywhere else to trek in Indonesia,  bring an alcohol stove over or a steamboat type adapter if you need to use fuel over there.