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Zen Air GT-Zero Braided Line

Zen Zagan

Zen Air GT-Zero Braided Line

$39.00 $39.90

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Zen Air GT-Zero Braided Line is a PE Braid by Zen, and is one of the most technically advanced X8 braid, designed for a variety of fishing applications including jigging, bottom and luring. The line is great for both fresh and salt water conditions.

Air is constructed of 8 premium micro fiber PE yarns with a compact 32 weaves per inch, giving the braid a high strength on a fine line which is a need to any elite angler.

The extremely tight and compact round body of the PE Braid is infused with Teflon, which gives the line a high abrasion resistance and with a smooth surface, it allows the braid to flow through guides with minimal friction, increase the lifespan of the line and allowing for greater castability. The line has a strong knot strength, so you need not worry about breakages, or your knot becoming undone.

We sell 2 colours of the line, black and sensor. The sensor line is especially good for jigging applications, allowing you to easily and quickly tell how deep you are jigging at. The sensor line has 5 colours (Blue, Orange, Green, Purple and Black) that change at every 20 meter count,.


Line: 275m (300 yards)
Diamater: 0.25mm

Line: 275m (300 yards)
Diamater: 0.28mm

Line: 275m (300 yards)
Diamater: 0.30mm

Line: 275m (300 yards)
Diamater: 0.33mm

Model Number: ZGA-xxLB-300Y-BLK / ZGA-xxLB-300Y-SR

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