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What kind of brand is Gerber?

brand Gerber knife multi-tool

I do get a fair stream of customers who come to my shop looking to buy multi-tools and knives. As Gerber is one of the main brands I carry, I often am questions is Gerber a good brand? Its a good question to ask if you did not have the time to read through reviews of their products, because there is no real single answer. Different brands tend to focus and offer different things, for example Benchmade is know for making high end knives with really new and exotic steels, and Leatherman is known for their general quality and super...

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What is a dirty fighter?

Black Bass Dirty Fighter fishing Trevally

Today I was talking to one of my customers in the fishing side and he was talking about the black bass he went to PNG to catch being a dirty fighter.  So I was thinking if everyone knew what is a Dirty Fighter, when refered to a fish at the end of the line. So in angling lingo, a Dirty Fighter refers to any fish that after being hooked, takes your line and moves around obstacles or structures that make it impossible to reel it in, either because your fishing line will get tangled or cut by the structure. So...

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What is a Crankbait?

diving fishing lure luring What is a crankbait

Today I had a customer walk in my tackle shop, asking me about some crankbait. I showed him a few models, but it did not seem that he wanted any of them. After a quick chat, I found out that he was looking for a very specific type shape of a crank bait which I did not have. A crankbait is a relatively simple type of bait, where as an angler, all you need to do is retrieve in by retrieving your line. They have a basic function when being retrieved, which is to dive or go below the surface...

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Coghlan's Utility Cord is fungus resistant

Coghlan's fungus Rope Utility cord

Some ropes or cords in the market offers a feature we know as rot or mildew resistant, and generally we do know that plastic ropes do not decay or decompose over a short period of time, unlike cotton or any natural type fiber rope. However, we do not really get to see what happens to them over time and if these claims are real. Recently I had the chance to see a Coghlan's Utility Cord (5mm I think) that I had sold around 2 years before. The cord had been used to secure a gazebo to some bricks to prevent it...

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Paracord Shoelaces

So today I had a customer who was interested in getting paracord for a specific purpose, to make a pair of shoe laces for his boots. So he started by asking how much cord he would need, size and how to finish it off. So for any adult pair of shoes, boots or low-cut type shoes, I would recommend 550 paracord. The thickness is similar to most shoe laces, so it will give the best look out of your shoes. 275 paracord would look like children shoe laces. For length, a single shoelace seldom goes over 1.5m, even if you...

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