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The 550 pound paracord (breaking strength of around 250kg) is the best type of string available to most of us. Its application for outdoor and camping activities are plenty including for use as a paracord bracelet, tent guyline, tying up basically anything, an emergency life line (not designed for but can be used in emergency situations), snares and the list goes on with your imagination. The paracord is resistant to both rot and UV, so leaving it outdoors for a long time is not a problem.

Atwood's paracord has a polyester shell with nylon core threads and it is a commercial Type III cord. It has a kernmantle construction with an outer sheath (32 strand wooven) and 7 inner strands. These inner strands can be removed from the outer sheath for use in a variety of survival situations.

This paracord is great for anyone in the military, survival, or in fact any even those who want a fancy and unique bracelet!


Diameter: 4 mm
Break Strength: 250kg (550 pounds)
Core: 7 strands
Colour: Canary Yellow (Solid Yellow)

Sold at 100 ft (30.5m) bundles

Made in USA
Made in USA

Price Compare: 550 USA paracord sold by Singapore army market online at $9.90 for 20 feet (6m). We are 70% cheaper!

*Actual colour of paracord may differ from picture due to differences in monitor and/or graphics cards settings

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