Rod Ford Volante Slow Fall Jigs are all center-weighted tear-drop shaped designed for slow pitch jerk, a vertical jigging technic that is rhythmic but proven highly effective. This lead jig has a different design on both sides and has excellent action on both lift and falling. The Volante slides on fall, combining intervals of flutter action that expose both sides of the jig. Game fish see the flashes from its holographic body and are proved to strike, landing you your next big fish.

Volante is available at Nalno at

Lighter Range: 40g, 60g and 90g
*All the lighter range colours come in the UV series, which when exposed to UV light (namely from the sun), will glow, thereby improves the hit rate of these jigs, as they become more visible to sight predators

Heavier Range:150g, 200g, 250g and 280g

Model Number: RFV---G


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