The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide provides the knowledge that hikers, campers, canoeist, angler sand anyone who spends time outdoors needs in order to survive comfortably.

This handy guide is small enough to easily fit in your pack and will prepare you to make it through any outdoor any adventure, planned or unplanned.

Book Features:

Full Name The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide, The Ultimate Guide for Short-Term Survival
Author J. Wayne Fears
Language English
Main Topic(s) Survival
Book Size Small
Pages 142
Cover Soft Cover / Paperback
Who Should Read This A simple easy read for those interested in survival
13 Number ISBN 9781616080501 Quick Review: A simple book with ideas and tips presented in a variety of stories to get you to understand key points to survival. Although the information is focused on survival in North America, majority of the tips can be used worldwide.

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