Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Type-B is ideal for repair of vinyl and vinyl coated materials because of its new unique adhesive that resists the oils in vinyl that cause other adhesives to turn gooey and fail

It holds air under pressure and won’t pull off, even when stretched. The patches are see through, so it works with all colours. The tape conforms to irregular surfaces and won’t turn gummy in heat.

It is UV resistance that inhibits discoloring. Cut Tear-Aid to size easily with scissors.

Some examples of items it can repair include inflatables, seats, boats, cushions, gazebo fabric, vinyl tents, air mattresses, tarp.

Each kit contains
  1. 1 x 3in x 12in patch
  2. 1 x 7/8in x 7/8in patch
  3. 1 x 13/8in x 13/8in patch
  4. 1 x 12in reinforcement filament (for repairing edges)
  5. 2 x alcohol prep pads

Made in USA Made in USA

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