At times you want a nice large shelter, to keep out the sunlight and rain for a variety of applications including as a shelter for security guards, etc. The Shelter with Single Support 3mx3m is your ideal solution, the largest in this type of shelter that can provide the maximum sheltered area, without being a hindrance by blocking many sides.

It works by opening up like an umbrella, then locking and it uses a granite piece of 50kg as a base, to reduce chances of toppling over.


Capacity 10 people can stand inside
Floor Area 300cm x 300cm (10ft x 10ft)
Height 200cm (2m)
Appx 80kg
Fabric Material
280 GSM Polyester (coated)
Sealed Seams
Frame Material
Coated Steel Frame
Colour Red
Packed Size
235cm x 30cm x 30cm (frame only)
Free Standing
Recommended Use Semi-Permenant Shelter from sun and rain
Other Features
  • Granite Size: 75.5x55.5x7.5cm

*Please note item is fairly windproof, you should still secure it to a fixed structure or the ground to prevent it from toppling in the event of strong wind


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