If you are looking for a shelter for a wide variety of purposes, including covering your balcony, for your garden or to shelter you car, you can consider getting the Shelter with Single Support 2.5mx2.5m

It works by opening up like an umbrella, then locking and it uses a granite piece of 50kg as a base, to reduce chances of toppling over.


Capacity 8 people can stand inside
Floor Area 250cm x 250cm (8.5ft x 8.5ft)
Height 200cm (2m)
Appx 68kg
Fabric Material
280 GSM Polyester (coated)
Sealed Seams
Frame Material
Coated Steel Frame
Colour Blue
Packed Size
194cm x 27cm x 27cm (frame only)
Free Standing
Recommended Use Semi-Permenant Shelter from sun and rain
Other Features
  • Granite Size: 70.5x50.5x7.5cm

*Please note item is fairly windproof, you should still secure it to a fixed structure or the ground to prevent it from toppling in the event of strong wind

Nalno Care Tents

This product has a 2 year Warranty. Read more by clicking on Nalno Care logo on left.

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