Seattle Sports LogoSeattle Sports Glacier Clear Dry Bag is constructed of rugged, clear vinyl that makes locating gear and equipment a snap, these bags feature a 3-roll closure, heavy-duty bottom, reinforced side wrap for durability, and a D-ring for lashing to boats, other packs and bikes. Bottom is colour-coded by size. Comes in 3 sizes.


Extra Small:

- Height: 25cm / 10"
- Diameter: 15cm / 6"
- Capacity: 5 litres
- Weight: 170 grams
- Bottom Colour: Transparent / Lime Green


- Height: 38cm / 15"
- Diameter: 19cm / 7.5"
- Capacity: 10 litres
- Weight: 250 grams
- Bottom Colour: Transparent / Lime Green


- Height: 45cm / 15"
- Diameter: 25cm / 7.5"
- Capacity: 21 litres
- Weight: 370 grams
- Bottom Colour: Transparent / Blue


- Height: 60cm / 24"
- Diameter: 29cm / 11.5"
- Capacity: 41 litres
- Weight: 600 grams
- Bottom Colour: Transparent / Dark Green


- Height: 71cm / 28"
- Diameter: 30cm / 12"
- Capacity: 55 litres
- Weight: 680 grams
- Bottom Colour: Transparent / Lime Green

Information on Vinyl Fabric used (19oz vinyl):

A very tough mesh fabric that is coated with vinyl making it waterproof with a high resistance to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV. Outstanding strength. Made of top quality materials, will not tear, stretch, crack, rot or mildew.

19oz is the weight of the fabric per square yard. In metric terms, the fabric is 644grams per square meter.

Made in USA
Made in USA

Price Comparison: With a local brand from Singapore Army Market online and also on a market website:
20l: $44 offered by competitor / $31 offered by (for a 21l bag (bigger and cheaper)
40l: $55 offered by competitor / $42 offered by (for a 41l bag (bigger and cheaper)
Also to note for all comparisons, this line is Made in USA / competitor country of origin is China

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