Expect only the best results from the Rod Ford Zeus XT Pintail, the only pintail designed and developed in Malaysia for Malaysian waters. So if you are going after tengiri (Spanish Mackerel) or any other pelagic species. Great for those heading to Sarawak.

The Rod Ford Zeus XT retains same body size as its predecessor but increased to 61.5g in weight. This tuned tactic delivers superb casting distance and faster sink rate than other similar minnows of the same weight. The unique dimpled bib is designed to create an enticing wobbling swim action and the reflective laser effect of the body sends attacting flashes to distance pelagic fish species.

Weight: 61.5 grams
Length: 120mm
Hooks: Not Included (add $2.50 for 2 trebel hooks)

Model: RF120-61.5G-xx

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