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ReadyMan Fisherman's Survival Card


ReadyMan Fisherman's Survival Card


ReadyMan Fisherman's Survival Card is a great tool to have in your wallet, whether you are a fisherman, trekker or visiting any wilderness. As fish is one of the best sources of food that are readily available in most outdoor environments, having a fishing setup to bring them from the river or sea to your stomach maybe a life saver.

The Fisherman's card is made from 0.65 Millimeter Stainless, making it more durable for use in water. It features a variety of tools that will help you catch fish with spoons, hooks and a scaler to process your catch.


  1. fish hooks x 10
  2. fishing lures x 5
  3. saw
  4. fish scaler
  5. double hooks x 3
  6. quad hook
  7. treble hook


    • Dimensions: (Height/Width) 2" x 3.5" in
    • Weight: 12 Grams

    Made in USAMade in USA

    Model: M05

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