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Owner Kizuna Broad PE X8 Braided Line Multi-Colour 300m


Owner Kizuna Broad PE X8 Braided Line Multi-Colour 300m


The Owner Kizuna Broad PE X8 Braided Line is the best value for money Japanese made line in the market, there is no doubt about that.

It offers the angler super breaking strength and flexibility, thanks to its intentional superb stretch. The line has these characteristics, as it is 100% made from Izanas, an Ultra High Strength Polyethylene fiber.

The other reason for its great quality is that is features a Anti Loosen Braid Construction (ALB). Owner achieves this by employing a special braiding technique. 8 pieces of line are twisted together. In other braids, they all twist in the same direction. The Kizuna using ALB construction by mixing the direction of rotations, clockwise in some parts and counter clockwise in other parts. This makes for a tighter braid, but don't worry, it does not get loose easily. This makes a reliable braid that gives you full confidence to play with any fish the way you want.


Colour: Multi-Colour (5 colours that run 10m each, with 3 colours to mark every meter and a yellow mark every 5 meters)
Length: 300m Spool

PE Rating and Breaking Strengths:

PE 0.6 (0.128mm) / 9lb (4.1kg)
PE 0.8 (0.148mm) / 12lb (5.4kg)
PE 1  (0.165mm) / 15lb (6.7kg)
PE 1.2 (0.185mm) / 18lb (8.2kg)
PE 1.5 (0.205mm) / 20lb (9.2kg)
PE 2 (0.235mm) /  26lb (11.9kg)
PE 2.5 (0.26mm) / 34lb (15.3kg)
PE 3 (0.285mm) / 38lb (17.2kg)
PE 4 (0.31mm) / 49lb (22.3kg)

Model 56122

Made in Japan

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