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Ndur Utility Flame (2-pack)


Ndur Utility Flame (2-pack)


The NDuR Utility Flame Gel is lightweight, inexpensive, safe to transport by aircraft and extremely versatile. Its uses are unlimited - it will boil water, provide emergency sterilization, make hot MREs, reconstitute freeze dried foods, heat a cup of coffee, dry wet clothing, provide warmth and start a campfire. It can be used as a heat source in virtually any environment and situation. Because Utility Flame is not a hazardous material, it requires no special clean up or handling. Once the gel has burned, all that is left at the site is Silica sand that easily brushes away.

Why Utility Flame?
Utility Flame is the only portable fire solution that is transportable by both commercial airlines & the postal service. Utility Flame is the only portable fire solution tested & approved by the US Military. Burning with a clear blue flame & low luminosity makes it safer for combat. Utility Flame is not explosive or a hazmat!


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