The Mosquitno Wristband all-natural citronella infused wristbands effectively repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats and no-see-ums without harsh, toxic chemicals or messy, oily repellents of any kind.

Mosquitno mosquito repellent wristbands are non-toxic and DEET-free so you can feel good about providing your family with a safe, natural alternative to harsh, chemical repellents. They are comfortable to wear because they are made of soft, pliable silicone and won’t rub, scratch, itch or bother wrists or ankles.

No clasps, itchy coils, or itchy straps to bother with – just slip on and go. Mosquitno mosquito repellent wristbands are available in kids and adult sizes and are perfect for the entire family during all outdoor activities. Perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, sports, concerts, fishing, boating, kayaking and even swimming because they are 100% waterproof.

Comes in assorted colours as available, 1-per pack.

Provides up to 5 days or 120 hours of protection (outside of packaging) and stores in a resealable pouch to preserve effectiveness.

Active Ingredient: Citronella Essential Oil

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