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Major Craft NP-Jack - Outdoor Equipment

Major Craft

Major Craft NP-Jack


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Major Crafts latest concept Major Craft NP Jack where NP stands for €œNano Power€. The new NANO material provides outstanding strength and stiffness which are essential for jigging and other fishing techniques. The material is combined with the micro-pitch Cross Force technology and thus the ultimate hybrid blank is completed. The unexpected strike from a monster fish that has your hands trembling and worried that any sudden moves and you might lose the prize and rod is a feeling that every angler experienced. NP-Jack Series is the ultimate tool for overcoming this feeling and replacing it with the best feeling; the excitement as you reel the monster fish.

Reel Spinning
Length 5ft 4'
Rod Power Medium Heavy
Line PE 1.5 - 4
Pieces 1
Action Fast
Jig Weight 80g - 200g


Model Number: NJS-54/5

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