This is a classic and colourful enamel piece that makes every stove look good. But even more importantly, it's a kitchen multitasker. Use it to broil, braise, bake, or roast in the oven up to 260° C, and sauté, simmer, or fry on any stovetop, as well as to marinate and refrigerate food.

You will quickly learn to love your Dutch Oven, as it retains heat well, so it can cook food more evenly and is suitable for all types of dishes, from fried rice to curries, to baking bread, pasta, you name it, it has been cooked beautifully before in a dutch oven. The end result is always a beautiful, slightly smoky meal with so much depth and flavor.

Stainless steel knob and loop handles for great control
Smooth glass surface won't react to ingredients
Unparalleled heat retention and even heating
Use to marinate, refrigerate, cook, and serve
Great for induction cooktops
Comes with 6 pot protectors to prevent inside rusting when stored


3 quart model:
Length 31.9cm
Width 25.2cm
Height 15.4cm
Weight 4.3kg
Volume: 2.84l

4.5 quart model:
Length 32cm
Width 25.7cm
Height 16.8cm
Weight 5.1kg
Volume: 4.26l

6 quart model:
Length 34.4cm
Width 27.8cm
Height 18.6cm
Weight 6.1kg
Volume: 5.68l

Made in China
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