Do you have some good quality knives that you need to sharpen and you want it professionally sharpened by hand? Nalno offers the services of Zul, a Singapore based knife sharpener who can sharpen almost any blade to its finest performance as a cutting edge, whether it is a kitchen knife, tactical knife or even a tailor's scissors.

This work will be done on a whetstone freehand, and if you have a preference (eg. water stones, etc), do let us know.

So see below for the rates and you can add whatever you want to your order to complete it.

Basic Sharpening (blades below 6 inches): $10
With polished edge (mirror edge): +$5
Edge Correction (chips, breakage): +$5
Change of edge angle (from factory's): +$5
Rust removal (not on edge): +$5
Folder Opening Work (folding knives): +$5
Scissors: $20 (Fixed Rate)

Registered Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service from your location(+$4) each way.

For every inch above 6 inches, all works (as selected above) is +$5


FAQ on this service

1. How do I order?

Please create a new order for each knife, stating the model in the comments section so we know what to do with each piece. Then select all the services you want. If you want to arrange a pick up service, you only need to pay for it one time. If you are sending a knife with 2 blades or more or a multi-tool, clearly state which blade to sharpen if not all.

2. Where will this work be done and how long will it take?

The sharpening will be in Singapore and you can expect in total (from pick up till its back to you) to take around 10 days. Do note that this service is one-person centric and if he is busy or on holiday, etc, it may take longer than the given time, and if it does, you will be informed.

3. How long is my blade?

Measure the cutting edge from tip to end, and if not sure, look up what your manufacturer says. If you underpay for the length, you will be informed and if you do not top up the difference, we will just sharpen the first 6 inches.

4. Can I drop off the knife and by cash?

Yes, if you want to pay cash and don't want to pay the pick up charges, simply leave your knife at our shop at the Golden Mile Food Centre (do note opening hours and days). There is no COD option with the courier services, you must either pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

5. Who sharpened the knives in the pictures?

These knives were sharpened by Zul.

6. Is'nt it cheaper to by-pass you and contact Zul?

As we have marked up the service by 0%, the answer is no, but feel free to find him on your own if you want to. Also if you bought an expensive knife (costing $100 or more, not discounted) from Nalno, we will give you a 40% discount on the price. You will need to give your receipt number to avail this discount.

7. What kind of knives or tools can be sharpened?

All types of knives (both carbon or stainless steel) but not ceramic can be sharpened. Multi-tools (blades), chain-saws, kitchen knives, Swiss Army knives, parangs, etc, can all be sharpened. Do note some speciliased tools, like braid line scissors cannot be sharpened. Also industrial knives and cutters are not sharpened.

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