Chalk is going to dry out your hands. That's its job, right? Well, minimize the harsh effects of the chalk while stimulating the mind with Herbal Chalks. These ultra grind chalks have the friction to get you through the crux, with an added kick to put your mind back in the action. Joshua Tree Ice Minty Chalk Ball's organic extracts in this chalk contain natural sources of menthol. Sooth your sore finger tips, worn thin from days of throwing yourself at a rock, so the last pitch is as fun as the first!  Offer your belayer a pleasant aromatic greeting at the end of a hot, hard, pitch.

  • Ice Chalk smells like a cool, minty, treat

  • Some folks weren't so psyched on the awesome scented herbal chalks, so Plain White is just that, plain, does not have a scent.

Model Number: TCM, TC

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