Johnson Fishing LogoThe Johnson Beetle Spin 'R Bait has 3D eyes add lifelike appeal and ball bearing swivel allows for smooth blade rotation. Rubber skirt adds motion and attraction as well as coloured beads that compliment skirt colors. Comes in a variety of blade colours and combinations (Colorado and Willow) for different results. Each packet comes with 1 piece.

How to deploy this lure:

  1. Cast the Beetle Spin R Bait
  2. Engage your reel
  3. Lower the rod tip as it sinks and the blade spins through the water column (spins as it sinks)
  4. Jig it by lifting rod tip and repeat steps as Beetle spin is worked back to shore or boat


  • 2 inch lure (5cm)
  • 7 grams weight each
  • Works great on 6 to 12 pound lines
  • Fishes at various depths

Differences between Willow and Colorado blades:

  • Colorado blade offers more flash and tighter action making it ideal in clearer waters
  • Willow blade is less flashy, making it better suited for murky waters

This lure includes:

  1. 3/0 Black Nickle Hook
  2. #3.5 Colorado OR Willow Blade
  3. 0.03 inch Stailess Steel Wireform
  4. #0 Ball Bearing Swivel
  5. #1 Staineless Steel Split Rings
  6. 25 Strand Silicone Skirt

Colours (Depends on stock availability):

  • Baby Frog (Gold Colorado Blade)
  • Baby Frog (Gold Willow Blade)
  • Bluegill (Gold Colorado Blade)
  • Chartreuse (Chartreuse Colorado Blade)
  • Chartreuse (Chartreuse Willow Blade)
  • Colesaw (Silver Colorado Blade)
  • Colesaw (Silver Willow Blade)
  • Golden Shiner (Gold Colorado Blade)
  • Golden Shiner (Gold Willow Blade)
  • Racy Shad (Gold Colorado Blade)
  • Shad (Silver Colorado Blade)
  • Shad (Silver Willow Blade)
  • White (White Colorado Blade)
  • White (White Willow Blade)
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