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The Garos Goods 2" Paddle Strop w Compounds are hand made by in USA (Click on logo above if you want to find out more about them). Each strop is made with leather that measures over 3mm thick. The strops handle are made of hardwood so it's both strong and beautiful. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip.

This set comes with compounds. The compounds will help put a razor sharp edge on your blades by cutting and polishing the edge. 

  •     Double Sided Leather Strop
  •     5x20cm (2 inches) Leather on Each Side OR 6.5x20cm (2.5 inches)
  •     30cm overall Length  
  •     Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather
  •     Over 3mm Thick Leather
  •     Hardwood Handle
Compounds Included
  •     30 grams of Micro Fine White Compound (Cut and Polish)
  •     30 grams of Ultra Fine Green  Compound (Cut Less Polish More)
  •     30 grams of Super Fine Red Compound (Polish Only)


Made in USA Made in USA

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